Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SFC Business Services: Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Integration

Acquisitions, Due Diligence & Integration
Acquisition, due diligence and integration services are available to businesses and investors involved in these activities. These professional management services include the following:
SFC Business Services carefully reviews the marketing, financial, operational, and management data including the company’s business and strategic plans.

Confidential interviews are conducted with select outside professionals and customers as well as key individuals within the company. In this way, we quickly and efficiently gather the relevant data to evaluate where the company is presently and what areas are working well and what areas aren’t. We focus on the key areas for success.

After the evaluation, an analysis is prepared and reviewed with the management team. We identify the key issues restricting the company’s progress or growth. SFC Business Services works closely with the senior management team to develop action plans to direct the company forward.

Strategic planning sessions are facilitated, as appropriate, to ensure management is properly aligned. A common purpose, and company goals and core values are defined to develop a compelling vision to align management and employees to the strategic intent of the company.

Acquisition process:
The acquisition process determines the characteristics of the ideal candidate and the select attributes that will maximize the opportunity and minimize the disruptions to the company. Professional research is conducted and qualified target companies are contacted and reviewed. The negotiations are professionally managed from initiation to final completion.

Due Diligence:
We coordinate with the company’s professionals to properly conduct a thorough due diligence of the potential acquisition candidate.

Management of the integration function helps ensure that the company preserves and enhances the value of the acquisition. We help ensure that a poor integration does not spoil an otherwise successful result. Post acquisition support measures progress and assists management integration programs.

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